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Automatic Website Builder Goes Live

Finally! After months of careful development and secret testing, revolutionary website building software is available to the public. Released to VIP customers last week, Automatic Website Builder is available to all webmasters who are looking for a better way to build and manage hundreds or even thousands of websites. Are you ready to join the small handful of successful webmasters who turn their free time into profits? If yes, Automatic Website Builder (or just AWBGenius) is the right software for you!

So, what is Automatic Website Builder, and why do you need it? Automatic Website Builder is revolutionary, all-in-one website building and management software based on world’s most powerful automatic AdSense site generator AdSense Money Maker. Designed in 2006, AdSense Money Maker became world’s most popular automated website building software. It was able to create thousands of AdSense ready and affiliate websites on autopilot. Needless to say, a large number of webmaster have been using this tool to earn thousands of dollars every month. But if it’s so good, why there is another software in the market now? Let’s find out!

Automatic Website Builder is built using brand new engine and has easy-to-update structure. It includes ALL features + modules of AdSense Money Maker and also adds hundreds of exciting changes and improvements. Some of them are: article directories module (automatically scans world’s most popular articles directories for related articles, rewrites them and stores premium content on your website), images module (automatically adds relevant photos and images), extremely powerful cloaking and redirects engine, Google Analytics support, 100% site customization (each site’s element can be changed with single mouse click). Moreover, Automatic Website Builder creates blog-like websites (including HTML and XML sitemaps, RSS feeds) for faster indexing and better rankings. The software uses its own platform and has no special requirements or dependencies on other platforms.

As you see, Automatic Website Builder is brand new software released just a few days ago, and webmasters love it! Here is a honest post written by one of software users – Automatic Website Builder Review. Read this post carefully to understand why Automatic Website Builder is #1 choice for smart webmasters.

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