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Auto Insurance Needed

If you expect a serious business or Internet marketing article here, you can safely ignore this post. Are you interested to know why does this blog entry exist? Nothing special – I just got a cup of black, hot coffee and too much free time (surprised?) into my hands. So why not to write something personal about me? Actually, I’m just looking for auto insurance quotes at the moment. And it’s a bit more difficult than I could expect.

Frankly speaking, it looks as easy as 1-2-3. Go to Google, type keywords related to auto insurance, and select a company you want to go with. But it’s not that easy. Some companies (especially those offering extremely low pricing) have ugly and out-of-date websites with weird page structure, what makes information very difficult to find. Yes, I love low price (but it’s not #1 factor for me), but I can’t afford wasting several minutes on each website just to get a quote. Honestly, no one smart person on planet Earth will waste hours trying to find something in order to save several bucks. So this is my personal advice for auto insurance companies – get your website designed properly before spending a truckload of money for advertising.

Also there were very few auto insurance companies which didn’t look very reputable. I had no time to search for client reviews, so I had to say “Good-bye” to these companies. So here is another useful advice – if you offer auto insurance (or any other type of insurance), build trust. Otherwise you lose new clients as soon as they find you. I don’t want to sound rude, but one of insurance agents thought he is dealing with complete idiot who knows nothing. Very smart of you, ****** (don’t want to mention company represented by this person). So make sure your agents treat potential customers like close friends, not bags of money.

Needless to say, I could post many more comments and suggestions, but there is no more coffee in my cup, and I just found a company to deal with. Time to get a final quote!