Trade Show Booths for HostingCon 2010

If you own one or more websites, most likely you use web hosting services offered by one of thousands of hosting or dedicated server providers. Do you run webhosting business yourself (or plan getting started soon)? Then you must know about HostingCon – the largest gathering of hosted services professionals in the world. Frankly speaking, it’s the premier conference and trade show for the hosted services industry. I got a phone call from one of big hosting companies (where I worked years ago), and main sales manager (who is a close friend of mine) asked me if I have any recommendations for trade show booths to be used for showcasing new services in webhosting conference. Honestly, I have no idea where to get started, and it would be great to get some useful tips and suggestions from blog readers.

The problem is that hosting company needs not “just another trade show exhibits” to attract the attention of visitors and build the strongest brand possible. But that’s not all. We also have other important requirements, and some of them are listed here: reliable and durable construction (please, no low-quality products made from cheap materials in China); good after-sale support (a large number of companies usually provide a fantastic pre-sale support, but after-sale support becomes a comedy); strong warranty (if something fails, it needs to be repaired fast and without many dumb questions asked); low ownership costs (price isn’t #1 factor here, but we are the types of persons who love getting more for their dollar); professional design (there is no need to have trade show booth which looks like a spaceship from the future, but it should be as modern as possible). I believe these requirements are most important at the moment.

If you have any experience with trade show displays, please don’t hesitate and let me know (you can always contact me personally or leave a message below this post). I will be very, very grateful for any professional tips or comments. And see you in HostingCon 2010!