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Blog Comment Poster 3 – Back to the Business

Almost 9 months have passed since the last update of automatic blog commenting software Blog Comment Poster. While it still works great and helps webmasters getting backlinks the easy way, there is always space for improvement. I started working on completely new release of blog commenter software on September 2009, and I’m very proud to announce that final version of Blog Comment Poster 3 is available to order from today. Honestly, it’s the biggest and most important update ever, so let’s take a quick look at exciting and innovative features of ultramodern Blog Comment Poster 3.

Here is detailed changelog of the software:

New user interface. Highly improved GUI (graphical user interface) makes software management easier than ever before. You can setup, manage and customize unlimited number of backlink building campaigns with single mouse click. A great deal of additional improvements makes the software fast yet easy to use.

Improved blogs search engine. Not much to say… Search speed improved dramatically.

Improved comments posting engine. Good news – comments get posted up to 30% faster now.

Option to emulate any user agent. World’s first and most sophisticated blog commenting software can emulate any user agent (browser) from now to maximize the results.

Option to truncate anchor text. Some blogs do not accept comments if anchor text contains too many characters. Tool will limit number of characters (they will be removed) in anchor text if this option is enabled.

Option to assign different comments for each domain. It was possible to write unlimited number of comment messages (which were rotated randomly) in previous versions, but this update enables you assigning different comments for each domain (or using the same messages for all domains automatically) for even better relevancy.

More variables in comments. Thanks to innovative comments posting engine and predefined variables, all posted comments are different and unique (even if you have a single message in database). Let’s say you write a message like ‘I have found this blog about %TITLE% on %DAY% when searching for %KEYWORD%’. For instance, if today is Friday, and software has found a post named ‘apple iphone review’ when searching for keyword ‘apple’, the final message will be transformed into ‘I have found this blog about apple iphone review on Friday when searching for apple’. Needless to say, the software supports many more variables to make each comment relevant and unique.

New ‘spam plugins killer’. Blog Comment Poster strikes again! Remember old days when thousands of webmasters complained they couldn’t stop this tool from posting thousands of comments on their blogs with anti-spam plugins activated? A large number of spam filters and verification modules were developed recently, but unique Blog Comment Poster engine does it again! New version simply “kills” (hacks) spam filters and verification modules to post your comments everywhere!

Pre-verified comments module. The software will try to verify posted comments in real time to save your time and computer resources.

Improved verified comments module. Highly revised module automatically scans all blogs every day to find and verify comments which had to be approved by blog owner before displaying them to public.

Automatic check for updates. No comments needed.

Option to assign individual anchor text for each domain. Long awaited feature is finally here.

Option to use keyword or specified text as anchor text. Now it’s possible to use defined text as anchor text for some domains while using keyword as anchor text for other domains at the same time.

Scrolling news ticker. My clients told me they always want to be informed about new versions and upcoming released of website promotion software, therefore Blog Comment Poster 3 displays scrolling news ticket in main window. You will never miss important updates, exclusive offers and new tools.

Many other improvements. This list contains just a small part of updates and changes, so download Blog Comment Poster 3 and try it yourself. I’m sure you will be pleasantly surprised.

Finally, if you have any comments or suggestions about blog comment posting software (or other tools developed by me), don’t hesitate to post a message on forum and I will get in touch with you. See you on the forum!