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Internet Service Provider Changed

I still remember my first experience of beautiful world of the Internet. 56 kb/s dialup modem (needless to say, connection was unstable and slow), old notebook (can’t remember the exact name and specifications, but it still was amazing thing) and my first visited website – (I was interested in basketball at that time). A bit later I experienced something even more exciting – 128 kb/s DSL connection. No more fees for each single minute, unlimited browsing and speed of light! It was possible to download a movie (all movies were at size of about 700 MB in old days) only in a day or two using Kazaa or similar peer-to-peer files sharing application, and my computer was turned on 24/7. It was a real beginning of competition between Internet providers in this country. A large number of different offers for 256, 300 and 512 kb/s lines, and finally – 1 mb/s line!

But it was old days. I changed a few Internet Service Providers during years, and my last provider was great – 100 mb/s connection to servers located in the same country, and 4 mb/s connection to other countries for about $20 per month. Unfortunately, something wrong has happened to that company. More and more short-term and long-term outages (from 2 hours to 3 days offline), but that’s not all. I don’t know what type of idiots work at this company (Mikrovisata, and it was one of the largest Internet Service Providers in my city), but they decided to disable emails sending via remote SMTP servers on port 25. Yes, you are not mistaken – it’s the default port of mail servers. I woke up one morning and got a truckload of errors after trying to reply to received emails via my SMTP servers. Mail services were restarted and it didn’t work, so I had to contact the ISP. After waiting several minutes for someone to answer my questions, I was told that connections are not blocked and there is something wrong with my computer. Yeah, right! It stopped supporting SMTP at night. Do they really believe I’m just another idiot?

So I had no choice but to compare internet service providers and find a new one. Thankfully, it wasn’t a difficult task (thanks to enormous competition) and I got even better deal at the same price. Plus, 4 months of free service with 36 months contract. Moreover, another 2 months of free service for refering 2 friends. I’m very happy about my current ISP – rock-stable connection (no outages for months), great speed (up to 40 mb/s to other countries at nights!) and fair price.

The funniest part of this post is the end of contract with old Internet Service Provider. I came to their office and told them that I’m leaving their company because of blocked SMTP connections and worst client support ever. Do you want to know what their answer was? Here you go – “do you really need SMTP?”. For God’s sake, am I the only person in this planet who sends messages using a real email client instead of webmail!? I don’t think so. Oh, they offered to unblock SMTP connections the same day and asked me for multiple times to stay, but it was too late. I will never deal with companies that treat their clients like idiots, and you shouldn’t too…