YouTube Comments Poster 3 Released

If you read this blog, most likely you are interested in Internet-based business and effective website promotion. And if you are really into money making online, I’m sure you use (or at least know of) social marketing. I will not focus on social bookmarking sites (but I suggest you discovering real benefits of social bookmarks in Brand New Automatic Scuttle Submitter, PHPDug Social Poster 2.0 Released and Social Bookmarks Submitter vs. Bookmarking Demon vs. Social Bookmarks Demon articles) because I want to talk more about social media marketing today.

This type of products and services promotion was discovered years ago, and it continues to be one of the most effective marketing strategies today. Social media networks attract millions of people with different interests every day, and YouTube Comments Poster transforms them into high paying customers with ease.

Without a doubt, some of you remember late 2007 when very first version of revolutionary YouTube Comments Poster tool was introduced to a limited number of webmasters, and it became the real sensation in social marketing. Not only because it was world’s first automatic YouTube commenter, but also because of its innovative features and ultramoderm comments posting engine that submitted messages much smarter and than any person doing manual submission. Needless to say about the light-speed of this time consuming task…

Since then more social media networks were introduced to the public, and YouTube Comments Poster continued to be the leading social marketing software due to often updates and support for new networks. The tool supported 5 world’s biggest YouTube like sites in 2009, but I wanted auto YouTube commenter to exceed all expectations of big players, and careful development and testing of brand new engine was started in early 2010.

Today, I’m glad to announce that YouTube Comments Poster 3 is available for everyone who want to experience the real power of social marketing and boost their sales as never before. The new version is available to download from official website now, and below is the list of new and exciting features:

New installation wizard;
New user interface;
New content search engine;
New comments posting engine;
Added support for;
Added support for;
Added support for;
Added support for;
Added support for;
Option to assign different comments for each account;
Option to activate/deactivated accounts temporarily;
Option to emulate any user agent;
More detailed reports section;
Automatic check for updates;
Self-test feature;
Bug fixes and other improvements;

The software now supports 10 world’s biggest and most popular social media networks to deliver maximum results for big players (see the full list here) and offers a large number of innovative solutions and hundreds of easily customizable options.

But here is even better news: if you don’t have a copy of YouTube Comments Poster yet, for a very limited time you can order the software with 50% discount. Here are simple instructions how to take a benefit of this exclusive offer:

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3. 50% discount will be applied to your order, and you can enjoy big savings instantly.

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