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Microsoft BPOS Made Easy

If you ever used Microsoft BPOS (Business Productivity Online Suite) solution, you know how difficult and time consuming sometimes it is to install and setup. Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great product for all types of business, but the main problem still exists – some IT administrators find it difficult to use (especially when it comes to configuration and management). However, now it’s possible to perform all boring tasks the quick and easy way using free software designed for BPOS users. You read it right – free software.

It’s not a secret that Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite is a commercial product (the standard suite requires a minimum of 5 seats, starting at $10 per seat per month, with a 12 month subscription), so why should someone offer a free software to setup and manage BPOS? Honestly, I have no idea why “BPOS Experts” spend lots of time making, updating and improving the tool which is free to use for everyone (when I say free, I rally mean it’s FREE FOREVER, and it’s NOT a trial), but if they do so, why shouldn’t we take a benefit of their hard work?

I found BPOS Commander tool to be extremely powerful yet very easy to use, and I strongly believe that BPOS Commander will be an essential software for companies running Microsoft Business Productivity Online Suite. Why? You already know it’s 100% free, but that’s not all. Besides simple management (even your grandmother could start using it in minutes), this handful freeware solution offers dozens of exciting features not available in in other products. And here is the best news – BPOS Commander makes data and user migration faster than IT professionals could ever expect, so you can focus on your main business again.

I tested this tool for several days (as some blog readers may already know, I’m not just a web programmer), and it’s really great. I will surely recommend it to a local company which plans BPOS migration this year, and I recommend it to readers of this blog (if they use BPOS, of course). A honest review on IT business blog is the least I can do for guys from BPOS Exports who work day and night to make our life easier and less complicated. Thank you!