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I am fed up! Last week I received just another phone call from my little cousin, and instead of saying “Hello, how are you?”, she started begging me again: “Please, my computer does not work properly again. I didn’t do anything (YEAH, RIGHT, IT WAS DONE BY A GREMLIN WHO LIVES INSIDE YOUR COMPUTER!!!), so could you fix it for last time? Please, please, please…” Needless to say, I dropped this call without waiting for more lame excuses, but the story was not finished yet.

She contacted me other day and started begging again. I don’t mind taking a look at computers of my friends if they experience some issues and need a bit of assistance, but this 16 year old “creature” drives me (or brother of mine) crazy every few months. Each time when her computer gets fixed, she is able to screw everything in less than a month.

I understand that some people have problems with computers, but why do they continue using these things if they have no idea what they do? Each time when her data gets wiped and Windows operating system reloaded (no way, I will not spend a whole day trying to diagnose a problem because of her incompetence), it works for several days at longest. Then it gets full of spyware, malware and viruses once again. So, what was the problem if she didn’t do anything this time? You are correct – a truckload of malware applications from the Internet.

I decided that it’s about time to stop playing these silly games, and my answer was “Pay for somebody to fix your computer. I’m tired of your endless problems, so start paying for technical support services. Maybe then and only then you will realize that you do NOT need to click every single link you get via Skype or email!?”

She was not very excited about this, but there was no other choice. A few days later I visited her at home to see how things are going. What a surprise! The computer was up and running without any single error screen, and it was as secure as Fort Knox. After a short conversation I was explained that she found a company which solved all computer problems, offered useful tips and installed/configured advanced security solutions in a very short time.

My little cousin used SupportSquad services, and I can’t describe how happy I am about this. Not only she stopped begging me each time when something goes wrong, but also she is more careful and has more knowledge what to do (and NOT to do) online because these guys continue educating her. I have no idea how they can do it (because she drives everyone mad with her questions about computers), but the fact is that SupportSquad guys do their job great.

And it really feels great because I know she will never bother me again. Thanks to technical support guys who proudly stand behind their services, now I have more free time for summer activities…