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Automatic Pligg Submitter Released

How long have you been waiting for magic software which could submit your domains to millions (yes, millions!) sites on autopilot and dramatically boost search engine rankings, build higher site authority, drive more targeted visitors and multiply your revenue? But before you say “I never thought it may be possible” or “such a thing has never existed and it never will“, let me say that I also thought “it’s mission impossible” first. Thanks to lots of free time in summer, I decided to create the most automated and powerful social bookmarking software which could blow away any similar tool ever made. Finally, after months of hard work, careful testing and dozens of fixes and improvements, I’m glad to announce that all your (and mine) dreams come true today!

What is the most effective way to build thousands or even millions of high quality backlinks? Submit your domains to social bookmarking sites. And what is the most popular social bookmarking script used to create this type of sites? Pligg script. So what can automatically register unlimited number of accounts on Pligg powered sites and submit your domains there? There is no such a thing. Only the brand new Automatic Pligg Submitter!

What is Automatic Pligg Submitter? It’s revolutionary website promotion software which has been carefully developed according to requests of hundreds of professional webmasters, and enables you building high quality backlinks, boosting sites authority, optimizing search engine rankings and increasing revenue more than ever before. What makes it even more unique and powerful is 100% automated bookmarking module. It means the software creates new accounts (it even answers human verification questions!), parses meta tags for each page, and submits domains to ALL Pligg sites 100% automatically! Moreover, it’s able to parse sitemaps and RSS feeds, too! For example, if you have a blog, just enter the URL of your RSS feed and Automatic Pligg Submitter will submit new pages to all social bookmarking sites as soon as these pages are published.

But the best thing is ultimate support of social bookmarking sites. Automatic registration and submission works on all versions of Pligg script, so you can easily add a truckload of social sites and easily outperform your competitors for winning results. For example, visit Google and enter “powered by Pligg” into search field. Wait a second for results be displayed, and you will find over 24.000.000 (yes, 24 millions!) entries! But here is even better news: only about 10% of Pligg sites have text “powered by Pligg” displayed in footer, and remaining sites have copyright footer removed. It means the real number of sites powered by this popular script might be as high as hundreds of millions, and only Automatic Pligg Submitter can automatically submit your domains to all of them.

Moreover, the software supports random re-submission, and it’s the main reason why professional webmasters like it so much. If you are unsure how it helps, let’s take a closer look. When all domains are submitted, Automatic Pligg Submitter can register new accounts on the same sites, and automatically re-submit the same domains using new accounts. Needless to say, all accounts are randomly rotated (so are proxy servers) to prevent any possible footprints and increase value of your backlinks. Search engines will love backlinks from multiple profiles leading to the same domains, and your sites will be listed higher than you could ever expect…

Finally, get ready for even more exciting news. The software comes with unconditional 30 days money back guarantee, so if you think it’s too good to be true, be the judge yourself! Test the software for 30 days and if it’s not every single bit fantastic as I say it is, simply request for full refund. Needless to say, it will be issued without any questions asked, so you clearly have nothing to lose and so much to gain. Remember, the sooner you act, the sooner your success begins, so don’t wait any longer and try Automatic Pligg Submitter today. You will be glad you did!