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Manual Backlinks Building – Is it Effective Today?

Everyone is crazy about building backlinks today. I still remember old days of the Internet (about 10 years ago) when it was enough to get several backlinks from absolutely unrelated sources in order to get your website ranked high on all major search engines. A bit later (about 7 years ago) the competition became more aggressive due to larger number of websites being launched every day, and webmasters realized that good backlink is not simply a link from any page. A good backlink was a link from related website with high and targeted traffic. Quality was the key to success. Recently the competition became as strong and aggressive as never, so everyone forgot term “backlink quality” used to describe how valuable link is, and quality was replaced with quantity. “Backlink is still backlink!” – someone said, and the crazy race began; thousands of webmasters started building as many backlinks as possible to get their webpages indexed faster and ranked higher than competitors. It was a new level in website promotion.

Needless to say, now manual backlinks building is not very popular because of time consumption and boring job. Even if you are fan of manual links building for SEO, you must admit it takes too much time and it’s really boring. It’s so much easier and faster to grab an automatic backlinks building software (automated social bookmarking tools are extremely popular now), enter the list of domains to be promoted and keep it running. So why in the hell should anyone want build backlinks using the old-fashioned way? Well, manual backlinks building is the only way sometimes.

Let’s say you start a new business (or want to expand existing one) and you are in need of better rankings and higher traffic (more traffic = more visitors = more money). So what do you do? Sure, if your business is selling Rolex replicas or faked Viagra pills, most likely you will start spamming unprotected forums with messages “Hey everyone, come and buy cheap Rolex at my site!”, but what if you have a real business? If you spam and p*ss everyone off, you will never establish client trust. But there is a solution – let professional link builders to take care of SEO for you.

We are promoting a new Internet search engine (which is oriented to some “special” people only) right now, and client trust is #1 goal to achieve, so we hired a professional link building agency which promised to deliver higher Google search engine positions, more web visitors, higher traffic and big return on investment. Their pricing wasn’t the lowest in market, but we considered it to be fair enough. Sure, we examined these guys a lot (they had to answer 50+ questions) before ordering backlinks building service because we need to be sure that new project will be promoted by a team of experienced professionals, not by just another guy from India or China who has no idea what the real SEO is about. This company has passed all the tests and was selected as a winner for our little “experiment” of manual backlinks building.

What we really appreciate is their communication. Not only they carefully analyzed our situation to offer a very personal solution (well, they offered more than one), but also explained pros and cons

In order to test how effective manual backlinks building is, we are not promoting new website ourselves, so all credits go to the agency. They continue building backlinks for about 1 month so far and results are pretty good. No, website doesn’t attract millions of visitors per day, but earnings are stable and growing slowly week by week. If overall income continues growing as expected, this SEO job will pay for itself within next 4 weeks, and website will make 100% profit since then. And that search engine was launched to the public only a month ago!

So far we are really impressed about results achieved by backlinks building agency and we are eager to see what happens within next few months. If these guys are able to return our investment in such a short time period, just imagine how much cash they will bring to us in very near future. The project owner has decided to reinvest 30-50% of profit to backlinks building again, so all we can say is “Google, watch out!” Who knows, maybe our new search engine will become more popular than Google? Sure, it’s just a dream for now, but the impossible can always be broken down into possibilities…