Why Raven Poster is Better Than a Woman

Just 2 weeks ago world’s most sophisticated Twitter marketing software was released to the public. In case you missed this event, here is the only thing you need to know: it’s a powerful Twitter marketing tools package for business which you can use to get dozens of retweets and hundreds of new followers in seconds, attract thousands of daily visitors and deliver an enormous number of sales on autopilot. The recent article about Raven Poster had a sample list of some funny reasons why this “thing” is better than a woman, and blog readers seem to love it so much. Right after publishing the article, I started receiving dozens of emails from software users and blog readers with their personal thoughts why they prefer the software instead of a woman. For your pleasure, the new list is below. Enjoy!

  • You don’t need to waste hours of time in your life for meeting Raven Poster parents
  • Raven Poster looks good in the morning
  • You won’t be arrested for ordering Raven Poster at 3 AM
  • You can smoke while using Raven Poster at the same time
  • Raven Poster is cheap
  • No matter how ugly you are, you can still get Raven Poster
  • Raven Poster doesn’t have “this” time of the month… it’s good all the time
  • Raven Poster doesn’t take up half your bed
  • You don’t need to shave your beard every morning if you want to use Raven Poster
  • Raven Poster doesn’t mind if you wake up at 4 AM and start using it
  • It makes no difference for Raven Poster how you look, what car you drive and how many bucks you earn
  • You don’t need to buy lots of flowers and champagne before you can use it
  • You can start using Raven Poster right after meeting it for very first time
  • It only takes a second to turn on Raven Poster
  • Raven Poster doesn’t start screaming “where the hell have you been!?” when you come back home at 3 AM
  • Raven Poster doesn’t spend your money. Instead, it makes money for you
  • If there is another woman in your life, Raven Poster won’t be jealous
  • Raven Poster doesn’t take your mobile phone while you sleep just to check if there are contacts of other women
  • Unlike with women, the more copies of Raven Poster you have, the more money you see in your wallet
  • Raven Poster doesn’t become mad if you come back home with sexy chick(s) from night club
  • Raven Poster doesn’t secretly discuss on how good or bad you are in the bed
  • Raven Poster really doesn’t care how many other marketing tools you had in the past
  • Raven Poster will never wake you up at night just to ask “do you still love me?”
  • You don’t need to go to local supermarket to buy condoms every time before you can use Raven Poster
  • Raven Poster never looks old and fat
  • You don’t need to talk to Raven Poster for hours before you can finally get some sleep
  • Raven Poster will never force you to marry it
  • Raven Poster isn’t interested in asking you a question “do you think I’m fat?” every few hours
  • You don’t need to apologize and buy a truck of roses if you do something bad to Raven Poster
  • Raven Poster won’t be become angry b**ch id you forget an anniversary

Of course, you shouldn’t take it seriously. The list has been compiled from blog reader emails just for fun because Raven Poster is equally good for both men and women. Therefore, if you are a woman, you can also use world’s most powerful Twitter marketing software and send me funny (or serious) reasons why it’s better than a man; I will be glad to publish your writing. Don’t have a copy yet? No matter if you are male or female, try it today and discover for yourself why Raven Poster became #1 social marketing software in less than 2 weeks. But don’t delay, less than 100 copies are remaining!