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Automatic Website Builder 2 – Will You Dare to Live Your Dreams?

If you are one of old webmasters, you definitely remember 2009 September 8, the day when you heard of the most exciting breakthrough in website building and successful money making onlineAutomatic Website Builder software, au successor to a popular site building tool introduced to the public back in 2006. And if you were smart enough, you got a copy of it and started building your own AdSense and affiliate sites empire with great success. Today, after almost 2 years of continued updates and improvements, world’s most sophisticated site building package named Automatic Website Builder 2 is available.

The first (1.x) version of automated content generator was used to publish 7516 high quality, content rich and top-ranked sites all over the world. Such a high number of uses mean hundreds of client feedbacks, comments and suggestions on how to make site building package even better for beginner and professional webmaster needs. Furthermore, continued analysis and monitoring of thousands of Automatic Website Builder installations (each one with different settings) enabled software developers to predict upcoming changes in search engine algorithms and release important updates even before search companies perform final changes to their indexing and ranking methods.

But what does it mean for average webmaster? It guarantees stable (in some situations even better) positions during search engine updates. If you are an active member of any of webmaster forums, you should remember thousands of angry complaints about lost rankings after each single SERPS update. Believe it or not, but Automatic Website Builder didn’t post a single complaint about lost rankings over the years; they laughed at users of less reliable tools and watched how their sites get even more traffic and produce even higher income while everybody else has their dreams broken.

Today, with the help of Automatic Website Builder 2 release, hundreds of webmasters can experience even more advantages of 100% automated site publishing and monetizing. Furthermore, the tool offers lots of innovative features not available anywhere else. Here is the sample list: open source language system which enables translating and/or making changes to the text used on pages, option to publish different number of randomly selected pages every day (time gaps between publishing are automatically calculated by sophisticated content building engine), interlinked content pages (different link numbers can be assigned to each page), random intervals of each single page element (unlike using other site generators, you can assign random intervals of content elements to create pages that have completely different layout and content), and more… Frankly speaking, the list of exciting improvements is so long that you will need some time to read and analyze it all.

If you already have a copy of Automatic Website Builder 1.x, just login to client area with your email/password and download version 2.0 upgrade package. According to callbacks of upgrade wizard, 1.000+ websites have been successfully converted into version 2.0 so far. According to client comments, more than 80% of upgraded portals already produce up to 20% more traffic and up to 30% higher income (thanks to re-designed templates and improved ads serving engine), so take a benefit of the biggest upgrade ever and boost your income without spending a dime extra.

But what if you missed Automatic Website Builder 1.x in the past? Don’t blame yourself, it’s not too late. Go to official product homepage and get version 2.0 instead! Use the most sophisticated release to create, publish and manage hundreds if not thousands of self-updating and money-making websites on autopilot.

…and now you expect to see several “yadda-yadda-yadda” reasons why you need Automatic Website Builder tool, don’t you? Of course, we could write some, but what’s the point? If you are not 100% sure if Automatic Website Builder is the best choice for your needs, why waste your money? Use it to grab some cold beer or wine in a restaurant, flirt with sexy chicks and enjoy in warm spring.

In other hand, if a better and richer life is your desire, why don’t you start living your dreams right now? See what software users say and start living your dreams today. If hundreds of individuals without any website building experience earn money with the help of Automatic Website Builder, why couldn’t you? The only question now is will you dare?