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In Search of Cheap International Phone Calls

This entry is filled under ‘Personal’ section as I’m looking for some tips and suggestions from blog readers. As you may already know, I’m a part of team which successfully runs website promotion software business and offers world’s most advanced tools for beginner and professional webmaster needs. The business is growing little by little (just as expected), so it’s natural we will offer more cool stuff in short future. However, in order to provide extra products services for our clients, we need some extra services as well. This is where you can help us!

Actually, we will be offering VIP phone support for webmasters that seek professional assistance in website promotion (it covers website analysis, individual marketing strategies personalized for different webmaster needs, extraordinary suggestions on how to improve success ratio using our tools, and the list goes on), so it’s natural we are in search of cheap international phone rates.

The service should be easy to use (instant activation preferred, but not required), have easy account management and auto billing. We also need options to manually credit account via web and phone (this one is essential). Finally, it would be great if company can also offer regional plans (for example, extremely cheap calls in USA or Europe). Needless to say, their rates should be INEXPENSIVE and VERY COMPETITIVE. Still, the quality and customer care are main priorities here, therefore only trusted and reputable provider will get a big customer (us).

Let me know if you have any tips and suggestions (or even can share your bad experience and tell me what companies to avoid). The easiest way to contact is dropping an email (takes only a minute) with your comments. Thanks in advance!