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A simple “Thank you” post

Thanks to F.Y.R of Macedonia basketball players who eliminated Lithuania team from EuroBasket 2011 yesterday, I have lots of free time in my hands now. Instead of watching the game and drinking cold beer with friends in a bar, I’m having coffee in my work room and thinking on how to spend this rainy evening. In other hand, it’s a good time to write a simple “thank you” post to one of the best Adwords agencies I had experience with. Some time ago they greatly helped to one of my partners and we just want to say “thank you” to these guys.

So who are these people anyways? They run marketing agency website called Globe Runner SEO and provide companies and individuals with complete Search Engine Optimization solutions including, but not limited to SEO consulting and copy writing, link building, reputation and brand management, press releases publishing, web development, social media marketing (Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, etc.), PPC campaigns optimization, email marketing and even Google TV ads.

Of course, we had experience with some of Globe Runner SEO solutions only (you don’t think that someone would need hundreds of products at the same time, do you?), but we were very pleased about their client service and (the most important part!) results. In case you are interested in details, we were looking for professional help converting small e-commerce site into a real money-making machine. We don’t mean backlinks building (we had enough powerful tools for building high quality links on all types of websites), we refer to nasty jobs like product class systems, product import, single-click checkout, anonymous users checkout (it greatly increases online sales), payment gateway integration, user activity tracking, and the list goes on.

While we can easily build backlinks, speedup indexing and increase traffic, we are not so good when it comes to e-commerce platforms, so we had the only choice – hire someone. While our team wasn’t very excited about paying money to other company (what if they fail? what if results don’t match expectations?), now we are glad we did it. Not only they saved lots of time, they also created probably the best e-commerce website we ever worked with. Now we only need to launch the site to the public and watch how it performs. We will update blog readers on this!

So once again, “thank you” guys; you did a great job an d we are looking forward to working with you in future.