Make Your Traffic and Earnings Naturally Unnatural

Today, when online competition is enormous, thousands of webmasters see their traffic and earnings slowly going lower and lower every month. The reason is simple: a large number of new websites, products and services are born on the Internet every day, but the number of potential clients doesn’t grow so rapidly, therefore most of businesses find money making to become extremely difficult task. It’s no secret that many companies and individuals quit online business every day, and remaining ones try to keep the balance between life and death by fighting even harder for potential customers and extra dimes in profit reports. Even if your websites generate high income today, don’t be surprised finding yourself bankrupt tomorrow. Yes, it’s the price we pay for easy money making online; we can’t control people needs and expectations. Millions of people are changing the Internet right now, and none of us can control or stop this process. But… if you can’t beat them, join them! So why don’t you adapt to tomorrow’s needs in order to increase (or at least preserve) monthly income?

Easy to say, hard to do? Not really true… Whether you are a beginner looking to optimize and monetize your first website, an experienced webmaster wanting to dramatically increase income of old and future projects, or a big company seeking to promote your brand and increase product (service) sales, now you can do it easier than you could ever expect. No matter how fast the Internet is growing, some things never change. No matter if it’s year 1991 or 2011; the only key to traffic are search engine rankings and backlinks. While it was easier than easy to outrank most of competitors by getting several useless backlinks from unrelated pages in year 2000, game rules are different in year 2011; search engines pay less attention to standard links now.

Actually, this is good news. While a large number of unprofessional webmasters keep adding URLs to blogs, guestbooks and forum signatures, only smart ones promote their products and services on world’s most popular social networks. Even 60 years old grandmas know what is MySpace or Facebook, and it’s natural that millions of persons participate in social networks while you read this entry. Social bookmarking is the most effective way to increase your traffic and earnings as never before, so don’t miss your only chance to bring 100% whitehat and natural backlinks building to unnatural level with the help of sophisticated social bookmarking software.

Social Bookmarks Submitter is a powerful tool which automatically submits your domains to social bookmarking sites list and provides you with first class backlinks from world’s most popular and highest rated social networks. These links not only help getting better positions in all search engines, but also is the best source of direct and extremely targeted traffic. The software supports unlimited number of domains, user accounts and proxy servers (all of these entries are randomly rotated), comes with automatic captcha decoder, offers 100% automation and adapts to your very personal needs.

Unlike less reputable companies, Social Bookmarks Submitter publishers don’t play number games; the software doesn’t use low quality sites (that are flooded with millions of Viagra links anyway) and utilizes 80+ carefully selected social networks that have the highest importance in search engine rankings. Believe it or not, but it’s the only reason why even single backlink created by this bookmarking software is worth much more than a thousand of links generated by any other tool on the market.

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