In Search of New Clients? Try Email Marketing!

If you visit this blog often, you surely noticed that the last entry was posted about 4 months ago. Don’t worry, the blog isn’t dead – I simply have been thoroughly testing the effectiveness of email marketing services in today’s market. No matter what you heard about this type of products and services promotion, I strongly suggest you reading the article before saying something; the results may shock you.

It’s no secret that the main reason of email marketing solutions not being very popular is thousands of spammers around the world who keep sending millions of junk emails offering you to enlarge your p**is, buy cheap v**gra, make a million overnight, or at least find someone to f**k in your area. Because of that, email marketing services are often treated as fishy, unethical, or questionable, which is wrong. For example, everybody knows that guns are used to kill thousands of innocent people every day, but we also know that guns are also used for good purposes like protecting your family. If someone gets a gun to protect his beloved family, we don’t treat him as the world’s biggest criminal, so why should we treat email marketing service providers as spammers? Email marketing can be “whitehat”, too!

After finally releasing Webmaster Book 3.0 to the public on May 28, my main goal was to find new potential buyers and convert them into loyal clients who will come back for more services in the future; therefore, it wasn’t enough to send just a plain newsletter and hope for the best. It’s simply not effective anymore! Since the only solution was email marketing with all the bells and whistles, I signed up with iContact, which was recommended to me by a close friend who runs a very profitable webhosting business for more than 10 years.

Believe it or not, but working hard on email text, landing page, and signup forms is just half the battle. The other half is validating emails against common spam filters to make sure they always reach your contacts. Otherwise, your job is useless. What’s the point of creating the most effective marketing message in the world if very few people will ever see it? Thankfully, email marketing with iContact comes with a sophisticated “SpamCheck” feature that I successfully used to greatly boost the results of my email marketing campaign. Put it simply, the number of sales was 37.6% larger when compared to previous campaigns, which I consider to be an amazing improvement, since it means many extra dollars in profit.

Sure thing, making the final decision based on a single campaign would be stupid, so I had to run some more tests (that’s why the blog was empty in new posts all the summer) to get accurate results. The good news is that my brother and many friends run dozens of small online businesses, so getting someone to participate in this little experiment was as easy as 1-2-3. For almost 4 months we tested email marketing by iContact by sending newsletters and special offers to thousands of clients in our databases and comparing results to previous campaigns. In most of cases, we were able to increase the number of sales by several percent, which is always good in today’s competitive market.

The conclusion? If you have a hard time promoting your products or services on the Internet, why not try email marketing solutions? No matter what some incompetent webmasters say, this method is still effective and offers a great return on investment when done professionally, so give it a try. I don’t advocate you to go with the company mentioned above just because it worked well for us. There are many professional email marketing solution providers around, so choose the one that suits your needs best; the results will surprise you!