Happy 10th Birthday, ProjectBeta

I have no idea what is the average age of my blog readers, but some of them (especially those who are 25+ and older) should be familiar with – computer software news focused website that was launched in 2003 as a personal hobby project and (thanks to its growing popularity among Internet users) transformed into a large downloads directory a few years later. If you’d like to read the complete story (don’t worry, it will take just a minute) before continuing, simply visit About ProjectBeta page for some very interesting facts.

As you already know, was major updated for 2 times during its life, but the biggest ever change was revealed just an hour ago; the website introduced a brand new layout, personal dashboard for registered users, rewards system, and dozens of other promising features. In fact, it’s a completely new website which shares the only thing with its predecessor – the good old database with 10.000+ top-rated software downloads that are continuously updated every single day. Since I’m very excited about this major improvement, let me share some fresh information with you. Here is the list of main benefits available to site’s visitors:

» Personal Favorites. Do you have many different tools installed on your computer and want to know when new versions are available, but don’t want waste time visiting developers’ sites or running each application and using ‘Check for Updates’ section day after day? All you need to do is create your ProjectBeta account (ultra-fast, no captcha verification, many required fields, or other crap), and ‘Add to Favorites‘ button will appear on each listing. Use the button to mark all the software you are interested in, and quickly track all the updates in your dashboard.

» Email Notifications. If that’s not enough, activate the ‘Receive email notifications when favorite software gets updated‘ option and receive an email as soon as one or more of your favorite tools is updated. The email contains new version information, changelog, and direct download links.

» Personal RSS Feed. Don’t like receiving emails, or want to track updates in real time? Experience the real beauty of real-time software update and track your favorites via personal RSS feed. Just add the URL of your personal feed to any RSS reader, and get notified when new versions of your favorite software are released. No other tools in personal feed, only the ones you love!

» Rewards System. Surely, it’s the most exciting feature NOT offered by any other portal. If you have personal experience with some software from this directory, let everyone know how good (or bad) it is and earn money that can be used to get full licenses of desired games and software. That’s right; depending on the quality of your comments, your account will be instantly credited with REAL MONEY.
What’s the catch? None. Since this site was started as a hobby project with no earnings in mind, its editors share all the income with people who are willing to help other users to choose the best solution by posting their feedback. Fair, isn’t it?

» Plus… one more surprise for registered users. I have no more details what it could be, but I was promised it to be very, very useful.

I strongly believe many readers will email me with their questions on rewards system, so let me explain how it works (the information came right from editors, so you can fully depend on it). In order to prevent abuse, comments like “This program is very good” or “It’s the best game ever” will not be credited (but they will be accepted, so go on and post them if you like). However, all other (more detailed) comments will be instantly credited with at least 1 USD. Hint: your feedback should contain 200+ symbols (not words) to earn 1 USD.

The more detailed your review is, the bigger your earnings are. There is no limit how long your review should be, so share everything you want. You can also post an unlimited number of reviews every day, but the same software can’t be reviewed more than once every 2 weeks.

The money is real. It’s not some kind of useless points or virtual money, and the value of your money is 1 to 1. For example, some sites offer virtual money for writing professional articles (or doing other difficult tasks), but their value is 1 to 100 or even worse, which means your virtual dollar is actually worth exactly one cent. Just not here! If you earn 10 USD, you have 10 real dollars; it’s that simple.

The money can be used to get real licenses. For example, if you have 20 USD in your account, you can request for a full license (which costs up to 20 USD) of desired games or software from their directory at any time. Site editors will purchase the license under your name, and the license key will be sent to email address you used during signup. After that, the license is fully yours, so you are eligible for customer support, free updates, and the list goes on.

Many Internet users will appreciate their unique rewards system and the ability to get full licenses of desired games and software at no cost (just for posting comments), but I prefer not because of this. I’m a huge fan of this website because it has never been focused on profits.

Instead of doing the same thing as less reputable portals (ranking tools with highest affiliate commissions as “the best”), these guys thoroughly test computer software and post their opinion not depending on its price, popularity, or conversion rates. I’m really happy to see a reliable resource which provides all of us with the most trusted software reviews on the Internet since 2003, and I wish their editors to keep up the good work for another 10 years to come… Cheers!