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F**k You All, Tiny Little Robots

So here’s the story… A local actor Vytautas Sapranauskas (finally) hanged himself yesterday. If you have no idea whom I’m talking about, don’t worry; he was just another (very often drunk) person mainly known by unschooled guys and girls who are interested in cheap and meaningless local TV shows. Sure thing, some will say he was the best, and I’m not going to argue (though I have a different opinion) because it’s another topic. For now, I just want to share my point of view with you, fellow readers.

OK, so some local drinker hangs himself with or without a reason – big fu**ing deal! But here comes the interesting part; once he was found dead, Facebook got filled up with a sh*tload of stupid photos, links, and videos like “Click Like if you loved him“, “Like this photo if you respect him“, “You must click Like and Share to show your support to his family“, and the list goes on.

I can’t blame sh*theads who posted this crap; their goal is to attract new idiots to their sh*tty groups and pages (even if they use so bad sh*t-stupid strategy a normal person couldn’t stomach) but I was surprised to see thousands (in fact, tens of thousands) of tiny little robots doing fu**ing exactly what they were told to do; spreading all this crap over Facebook without even knowing what it means. Holy f**k, if someone put a bucket full of warm sh*t and told “eat it“, I’m 100% positive it would be a “no-brainer” action for them!

Frankly speaking, their fu**ing stupidity kills me slowly. Only if they took a second to put themselves in Vytautas family’s shoes before automatically clicking Like and Share buttons, they wouldn’t do something that sh*t-stupid anymore. Why? Let me explain… Let’s suppose your father was found dead yesterday. Would you like all the idiots around sharing this information over and over again? That should hurt, I guess… Now listen to me, deepsh*ts; if you seriously believe the Share button will bring your favorite actor back to the life and make him fu**ing indestructible, you seriously need to get your head tested.

And don’t even say you are supporting his family this way! For example, if your father is dead, how would you feel seeing tens of thousands of likes regarding his death? Not so great, right? So what the f**k are you doing!?

And if you are one of those tiny little robots who will call me hater, let me say: “I don’t give a sh*t“, so keep your mouth shut. Once again, I feel terribly shame for all of you, tiny little robots, because (again) you revealed how fu**ing dumb and easy to manipulate with you are.

If you still have a little piece of brain after traumatic head injury, you should realize all those Likes and Shares may have serious consequences. And… unsurprisingly, they will! Thanks to your stupidity, I’m going to chop off my pe*is now because I don’t need my children growing up in the world full of deepsh*ts like you. Hope you are fu**ing happy now!

P.S. If you liked or shared at least one of those photos, videos, or posts, don’t forget to take a quiz here and find out your IQ. Don’t worry, it will take just a second or two before you see the results!