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Links: Short and Simple vs Long and Hardcoded

While some professional webmasters still claim that PHP links with long structure (such as
for example) are not indexed by major search engines or indexed not correctly, i’ve made some experiments to check it out.

It’s true, that long and hardcoded links (see an example above) are not so user friendly, but search engines such as Google, Yahoo, MSN and others are powerful and smart enough to index all the content under these links without any problems. I think you had an ability to check it yourself by doing some searches. And i’m 100% sure you saw hardcoded links placed at the top of search results several times at least. It just confirms: webmasters, who claim that hardcoded links are not indexed, are wrong. Spiders don’t care what links do you have. Spider has the only one task to do – index all the links it finds, but not to rate a link as good (user friendly) or bad (not so user friendly). So what the point to have a nice structure for your links? The experiment begins…

Webmaster Stuff

Content Management Systems

One of the first things every webmaster thinks about, is a question: How to build a complete website?

If it’s just a simple website containing few separate pages and some text only (personal homepage for example) you can take any free HTML editor (or just a Notepad) and simply start writing the code. When you need to update the content or add a little more information, it’s pretty easy – just open created HTML page using any HTML editor again and start editing. It‘s done. But let’s say you need to build a big website which contains not only a few lines of simple text, but also needs to be updated often. What’s the solution?

Personal Stuff

Welcome People!

Welcome to the Personal Blog of Mindaugas Lipskas.

Few months have passed since this domain was bought by me. All the time it was inactive and not used. After checking statistics for this blog today, saw these results – blog gets traffic from search engines when people search for my name on the net. So why shouldn’t i give something more than just a title of my name?

After some remarks “Start Blogging!” decided to make a nice place for webmasters. I’m successfully running one website for almost 6 months and i’ll be glad to share my personal experience and useful tips about search engine optimization (known as SEO), increasing your monthly income or just post a short comment about any other website on the net. You don’t need to follow all these steps. Just read, analyse and think yourself – “How could I use it?”.

Everything you will find here – just my personal opinion and nothing more. Don’t agree? Post a comment and discuss with me!