Holidays in Benidorm

If you read this blog often, you should remember I was planning my holidays in Dubai… Unfortunately, I started working on new software last week (it will be a powerful tool bookmarking your domains in Scuttle sites automatically, in case you are interested), so I will have less time for holidays. That’s why I decided to spend my holidays in Benidorm now. And yes, I’m looking for Benidorm hotels already.

Share in a Frame

I swear that people get more and more creative every day. I got unique gift today, and I’m 100% sure you have no idea what kind of gift it was. I’m not going to tease you – it was share in high quality wooden frame. You understood right – it was one REAL share of a publicly traded company! To be honest, it was the most creative gift I ever…

Going to Dubai

Oh boy, I always was dreaming about going to Dubai. I don’t really know why, but it’s #1 record in my “places to visit” list. It may look really strange, but I will have free time next month (if one of projects will be finished in time), so I started looking for Dubai breaks already.

Getting My Party Planned

You know, I’m really busy person. Just like you. So it makes no wonder I have no time for long holiday, summer parties, etc. I can enjoy my holiday only in August or September, when most of projects are completed and new websites launched to the public. Unfortunately, I’m SOOO busy, that I have no free time planning holiday and other important events (corporate parties, anniversaries, cocktail parties…), and I…