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Internet Service Provider Changed

I still remember my first experience of beautiful world of the Internet. 56 kb/s dialup modem (needless to say, connection was unstable and slow), old notebook (can’t remember the exact name and specifications, but it still was amazing thing) and my first visited website – (I was interested in basketball at that time). A bit later I experienced something even more exciting – 128 kb/s DSL connection. No more fees for each single minute, unlimited browsing and speed of light! It was possible to download a movie (all movies were at size of about 700 MB in old days) only in a day or two using Kazaa or similar peer-to-peer files sharing application, and my computer was turned on 24/7. It was a real beginning of competition between Internet providers in this country. A large number of different offers for 256, 300 and 512 kb/s lines, and finally – 1 mb/s line!