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Manual Backlinks Building – Is it Effective Today?

Everyone is crazy about building backlinks today. I still remember old days of the Internet (about 10 years ago) when it was enough to get several backlinks from absolutely unrelated sources in order to get your website ranked high on all major search engines. A bit later (about 7 years ago) the competition became more aggressive due to larger number of websites being launched every day, and webmasters realized that good backlink is not simply a link from any page. A good backlink was a link from related website with high and targeted traffic. Quality was the key to success. Recently the competition became as strong and aggressive as never, so everyone forgot term “backlink quality” used to describe how valuable link is, and quality was replaced with quantity. “Backlink is still backlink!” – someone said, and the crazy race began; thousands of webmasters started building as many backlinks as possible to get their webpages indexed faster and ranked higher than competitors. It was a new level in website promotion.