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In Search of CPA Network

Today, when competition on the Internet is as brutal as never, it becomes really difficult to launch and promote a new product or service online. Well, the launch itself isn’t a very hard thing to do, but new product or service becomes a real headache when it comes to conversion and sales. We are promoting new webhosting service right now and the competition in this niche is extremely high (while conversion is low), so PPC strategy (which is the most popular one) simply doesn’t work here. How do I know it? After spending thousands of dollars for PPC campaigns we got only several clients, that’s all. Some of you might say that low conversion is related to the service itself (too high price or too less features, bad value for money, etc.), but it’s not true in this case, so we simply need to raise conversions and get the maximum value at minimum cost. And CPA (cost-per-acquisition) seems to be a great choice.